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Hello, I’m Lindsay Milner, owner of Silvern Training.  Thank you for stopping by.

I love my work.  I get to set my own hours, I spend it with people if I want to, I get to work alone if I want to.  I decide if today I’m going to be creative with written or video content.  Or do I spend the day on social media, making sure people know what I can offer?  It’s up to me. There are days when all I want to do is sit and read, so I can.  And then post my thoughts about what I’ve read as video content for you to see.

It wasn’t always like this.  I used to have proper jobs.  Some of them were great too, like the one where I learned how to be a trainer and got to support project staff with their bid writing and fundraising skills.

But then there were the awful jobs.  The one where I was bullied by a manager for a long time.  The one where the purpose didn’t align with my values.  The one where I was bored silly because the work wasn’t interesting or challenging enough.

Sometimes I didn’t even get paid – I did a significant amount of volunteer work for various reasons at different times in my life.  You’d think if you were doing something that you didn’t get paid for it would need to have other merits, like be really fun to do.  I went for things that helped me to develop and grow.  I joined a small charity as a trustee, only to discover that it was about to lose all its funding – well 85% - which meant that my first task was to serve redundancy notices.  The chair also decided fairly soon after that she couldn’t handle the stress of it, so I found myself unexpectedly taking on the role of chair.  She wasn’t wrong, it was extremely stressful.  However, I led a team of trustees through a period of conflict and came out of it with a strong team who oversaw the merger with a larger charity. It is still working today to support disadvantaged people. 

Enough about the past, what about now?  I came full circle in a way.  I was ambitious as a teenager, I wanted a career, I wanted to do well. I lost sight of that for a time, because things weren’t going the way I expected. Now though, I believe that meaningful work is one of the most fundamental things we need in our lives to be happy. And surely being happy is the pinnacle of our achievements?

​And so Silvern Training was born. My purpose now is to help as many of you as I can to be happy at work.  I know too many people who feel trapped in their jobs, who dread Monday mornings, whose Sunday afternoons are ruined because they’re already feeling bad about work, they don’t like their boss, they’re stuck in boring, unfulfilling work.  

If you feel like this, come on in, take the plunge, let’s start the adventure together and you can learn to love Mondays. 

Businesswoman Dana

​‘Lindsay is a life saver, the voice of calm and patience in any given situation. She can effortlessly unpick what feels like a complicated work crisis until the heart of the problem is identified and a fresh and proven approach established. She is now the secret weapon I simply wouldn’t want to live without’.

​Dana* ​Facilities manager

Smiling businesswoman

​​Lindsay suggested the use of a gratitude diary, something I have used ever since. It enabled me to view life and work from a more positive angle. ​

​Alison* -  ​Teaching assistant

Businesswoman in pink

“Lindsay helped me think through a problem I was having with a coworker, clarifying my own thoughts on the matter as well as making it easier for me to see things from the other person’s point of view. I really appreciated this as it can be a struggle to find balance with issues in the workplace when you are in the midst of them!”

​Jennifer* - ​Charity fundraiser

​* names changed and stock photos used to protect confidentiality

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