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Procrastination is a universal phenomenonempty notebooks with a watch on top

Procrastination is a universal phenomenon

‘Procrastination is not age specific, it’s not cultural, it’s not dependent on our level of intelligence. It’s a universal phenomenon, fascinating in a sense. It’s so destructive, but we all engage in it.’


Work from home.

No, get back into the office, the sandwich outlets and coffee shops don’t have any customers.

No no, work from home, the numbers are rising!

Aside from the political wrangling, it’s clear that more of us will be working from home for longer periods. Some love it, some hate it. And there are many reasons for those who hate it, including some very legitimate reasons.

But what about procrastination? Some people find that procrastination suddenly becomes a BIG problem when they have to work alone at home. That damn negative committee, procrastination gives them an open goal, gives them the floor, they’ll have a field day telling you you’re useless, you know you need to get on, so you must be stupid for sitting there. You’ll feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, but still won’t get started.

Some hate working from home because it turns them into this shameful, incompetent person with a negative committee running riot, paralysed with procrastination.

What can you do?

How can you break out of this crippling situation and silence the negative committee? How can you drive yourself into action when you’re a serious procrastinator?

In my new eBook I give you the answers. I’ll share Lotte’s story, a history of epic procrastination that came back to bite her when she had to work from home. It created serious anxiety for her, fear of losing her job and brought back bad memories of her university days, the apathy, the shame she felt.

Despite the severity of her procrastination, I’ll show you how Lotte changed things around and became the most productive she’s ever been. Now she loves working from home so much she prefers it to the office. She’s become more positive in her outlook, more creative in her work and in problem solving. I’ll show you how you can make these changes too, and how you can begin making a difference today.

What's the cure for procrastination?

Would you like to know more? Download your free copy of Procrastination – the negative committee’s most powerful weapon and how to disarm it