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New year, new you

Why does new year always take me by surprise?

New year always takes me by surprise. Which is a ridiculous thing to say really, I mean, it’s the same date every year, it’s not like we can’t see January coming. But somehow, I’m never quite ready for that back to work feeling, I’m never ready with new year resolutions, I always end up spending the first couple of weeks of the year setting new goals instead of declaring them on the first of the month.

But to be honest, I’m at peace with that. I’m a last minute kind of girl, often dealing with what’s in front of me rather than planning weeks and months ahead. I often intend to set up social media content strategies for the whole year, but it never happens. And even if it did, it wouldn’t be implemented past the first week or two before I lapsed or changed my mind.

All this is to justify why my new year post isn’t going out until 15th of the month. My excuse this year is work I was having done in the house last week, meaning I didn’t have my office to work in and also had to spend time supervising and making sure it was done the way I wanted. Usually it’s a holiday in the sunshine somewhere, but that didn’t happen this year, for obvious reasons.

Quitters' Day

It also means I won’t fall foul of Quitter’s day. Or as has it, Ditch the New Year Resolutions day. But that seems like a deliberate decision to give up, which isn’t what happens in reality is it? People have done surveys that show many quit their new year resolutions on the second Friday or the third Sunday of the month. Which means it’s around about now. So by not starting till now, I’ve dodged that bullet 😀 .

We’re actually heading towards blue Monday too. So the signs aren’t good. For this reason, I quite like that I’m reflecting on my resolutions still – if I don’t start them until halfway through the month, I’m not gonna quit on Quitter’s day. I also love new year for making me focus on my goals. I know I can do that any  time of year – and I do – but there’s something about the new start I find irresistible.

New Year resolutions

I’m setting goals in the same three areas as always:

Diet and fitness – this went very pear shaped, literally, in lockdown. I haven’t been a regular at the gym since February last year. I got a few sessions in during the summer, but they’ve lapsed again now. My one attempt at running lasted until I went flying, landed flat on my face, broke my wrist and bruised my ribs. I invested in an online fitness programme – currently working on that, but it’s a struggle. Ate all the food. Especially the cake, chocolate and take aways.

So this year, I’m looking at it from a holistic viewpoint, from the level of identity. James Clear, in Atomic Habits, talks about how we identify feeds into our habits. Think of yourself as someone who can’t stick to a diet or exercise programme, and that’s what you’ll be. So I’m going to shift my thinking to identify as someone whose health and wellbeing is important.

Productivity – this was a win for me last year. Lockdown led me to start writing ebooks. Three completed, and the fourth not far off. My plan this year is to finish the fourth, write a fifth and self publish them as hard copies.

Get organised at home – also an area where there was progress last year. I finally now have a newly fitted out office. I just have to get that organised, and then make a start organising other spaces. You’d think being stuck at home all year would have meant that I’d made good progress there, but somehow, that’s the one that always gets left at the bottom of the list of priorities. However, at least there’s been some movement.

Clear desk and bookcase

How about you?

According to a report in Wales Online, the most popular resolutions this year are

  • exercise more (25% of people)
  • lose weight (23%)
  • be happy (22%)
  • eat healthier (22%)
  • be more positive (17%)

If being happy or being more positive are on your list, then I’m going to signpost you to my ebooks, they were written with you in mind.

If you’re struggling with lockdown or working from home, there’s lots of ideas for you too. Strategies, including quick wins you can implement now to help you deal with the challenges, and the negative committee that’s taken up residence in your head. Don’t fall foul of Quitters Day, learn how to silence the negative committee for the whole year.

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