How happy is your workforce?  Do you know? Do you care?

You might be thinking, I don't pay my staff to be happy, I pay them to get the job done.  Well, that's fair enough.  But if you want the job done well, and you want the job done in the most cost effective way, then having a happy staff will will make a big contribution to the bottom line.

There's lots of buzzwords at the moment - employee engagement, wellbeing, workplace culture - and you might be wondering what all this will cost, and does it bring a worthwhile return on investment?

So what is the biggest problem you're facing with your people at the moment? Is it absenteeism - are too many staff taking too much time off work through illness or stress? Or is it retention of staff - do people not stick around for long? Do you know the reasons for this? Or maybe it's plain old productivity - you don't have much of a problem with retention or absenteeism, but the staff, when they are there, they're not really achieving much of what you want them to achieve.

Silvern Associates is a new business designed to solve these problems. We are a group of trainers and consultants with many years experience in working with businesses and charities. We have people who specialise in

· Behaviour profiling to improve awareness of different behaviours within teams

· Effective teamwork training

· Emotional state management

· Tailored executive coaching

· Tailored team member coaching

· One to one counselling and support

· Stress management

Our process begins with a one to two day diagnostic audit carried out at your premises led by the owner of Silvern Training, Lindsay Milner. Depending on the size of the team, we will use a combination of surveys and interviews to assess the workplace culture and identify causes of problems. Interviews will be carried out with all staff if 15 or fewer, or a cross section from all teams and all levels if more than that. Approximately 45 minutes will be required with each interviewee.

You will then receive your free no obligation report of our findings, identifying key issues, and recommending solutions.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can improve productivity, staff retention, employee engagement, workplace culture and reduce absenteeism, give me a call on 0121 624 1957 or 07976 816704, or contact us to schedule a call with you.