Seven things you can do today to feel happier at work

​​Does this ​sound like you?

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    ​You hate Mondays....
    ​You're enjoying life at the weekends, but then Sunday afternoon comes around, the evening approaches, and you start to think about Monday.  You get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe you can't sleep. Monday morning, you don't want to get out of bed, you start to work out if you can come up with a good excuse not to go in
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    ​You're bored when you get there...
    The work is unfulfilling, you have no control over what you do,  you just have to do as you're told.  Maybe you're overworked and stressed, and can never get on top of what you have to do.  Maybe you've been in the same job for a while, but your contribution isn't appreciated.
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    ​You don't like your boss or your colleagues...
    ​Your boss micromanages. Or she gives you no help, just keeps piling it on, he expects you to get through it all and doesn't care if you have to stay late. Then there's your colleagues.  Always bitching and gossiping.  No-one works as a team, there's no sense of a shared purpose.  

I've been there.  I've worked in those places, and I know what it takes to deal with them.  I've ​helped others, like you, to take control of their working life.

About ​me

​Lindsay Milner

"When I discovered that two close friends were being bullied at work, I realised that something needed to be done.  Since then I have worked with people to help them to make the changes they want in their lives.  We can't make others change, and we can't always change our situation, but we can change how we deal with things, and I've learned that this is what makes the difference."

Lindsay Milner

What People Are Saying...

Smiling businesswoman

​I was so unhappy at work...

​​Lindsay suggested the use of a gratitude diary, something I have used ever since. It enabled me to view life and work from a more positive angle. ​


Teaching assistant

Blonde businesswoman

​I was being bullied at work...

​I remember it like it was yesterday and the memories are still very raw and painful. I spoke to Lindsay and her advice was invaluable. ​

I took some ownership of it and that made me feel empowered and enabled me to deal confidently with the issues.

I can't thank Lindsay enough for her help, support and advice.


​Charity worker

* names changed and stock photos used to protect confidentiality

​Want to make a change?
​Seven things you can do today to be happier at work

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