Aum Consultancy

Aum Consultancy is founded by Hansa Pankhania,

CQSW, B.Phil Couns ED, Dip SM training, Fellow of ISMA

She is an Author, Speaker, Wellbeing Consultant, Trainer and Coach.

Hansa set up AUM combining her extensive knowledge with her thirst for improving organisations and people’s lives.

Hansa has a large number of experienced professionals as part of her team. To date her team have worked with over 100 companies nationally and internationally across public, private and voluntary sectors.

As a leading provider Hansa is keen to reach out to as many organisations as possible and help ensure they can perform to their peak potential despite stress, challenges and high pressure environments.

You can be seen at your choice of location or at Aum Consultancy premises in Birmingham. Aum Consultancy operations nationwide.

Services offered through Silvern Associates

Managers managing stress

Building Resilience

Team Building

Relaxation and Stress Relief

Total Well-being

Time Management

Mental health awareness

Change management

Managing Employee Stress

Leading with Resilience

Conflict Management

Work life balance

Post trauma Support- Critical Incident de-briefing

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Anger Management

Birmingham City Council

City wide Stress Management Project

In 2003 Birmingham City Council (BCC), which employed approximately 50,000 people, took the decision to instigate a City wide Stress Project. AUM senior consultant Hansa Pankhania was one of the key people involved in the steering group tasked with setting up and cascading stress awareness within BCC.

Process and Content

A steering group with representatives from Health and Safety, HR, Training, Senior Management Team, Occupational Health, Counselling Services and Union was formed. Based on the results of a staff survey, certain departments within BCC were prioritised for input.

Hansa Pankhania co-produced and delivered core briefings to Managers on their legal responsibilities in applying their duty of care and addressing employee stress. The content included:

  • Business case for addressing stress within BCC
  • How to identify stress in staff, the short and long term symptoms
  • Organisational factors and costs of stress
  • Stress and the Law, managers’ legal duty towards addressing welfare and care of staff
  • Management tools and techniques to support stressed employees.

She also co- produced a train the trainers , one day course for managers and two day course for employees which was widely used across the City.

In addition she developed a ten module online Managing Stress Course with topics covering Understanding the concept of stress, stress reducing techniques, assertiveness, time management, positive thinking, diet and exercise, emotional intelligence, stress and personality, holistic approaches to stress management, and organisational stress.

At Present

The training material is still used by BCC Health and safety section, the online Managing Stress programme is extensively accessed by BCC staff, the City wide counselling team use the online programme material as handouts for clients and Hansa Pankhania continues to support BCC managers and employees as an affiliate of their Staffcare Team.

“Birmingham City Council is the largest local authority in Europe with around 50,000 employees. Hansa has worked for Birmingham as an affiliated Consultant over many years. She was one of the key people in the development of the Council’s Stress Policy and consequent formation of a Stress Project, cascading stress awareness across the Council. As part of this project, Hansa both produced and delivered Manager Briefings and Staff Training on related issues. She also wrote and produced an online Stress Management Programme that remains widely used and appreciated on the intranet. Hansa’s work is always of the highest quality: ethical, boundaried and dynamic”.
Dr Haydn Williams
Clinical Lead - Staffcare

More information can be found at aumconsultancy.co.uk