Ryan Senior creative stylist and colour specialist Umberto Giannini

Ryan has worked his way up as a stylist, specialising in colour treatments, at Umberto Gianinni, working in salons in Birmingham and Manchester.

He was asked to do a presentation at a company event, and found that he suffered very badly with nerves, and was unable to put his presentation across confidently.

He was reluctant to attend the series of confident speaking workshops, but the salon manager booked him onto it with a few of his colleagues.

After learning how to structure a speech, and practising some techniques to develop confidence, Ryan found that speaking in front of an audience was not nearly as terrifying as he’d believed. At the end of the series of workshops, he said he now felt able to deliver a presentation with confidence, when talking about colours and techniques to salon staff. He has since delivered training in colour techniques to others in the salon.

The salon manager was very pleased with the change in Ryan, as he became willing to step up and present to staff meetings. He noticed that there was an improvement across the team in more confident consultations and increased retail sales of recommended products. The manager said that the change in Ryan, however, is a complete turnaround, as he now actively seeks out opportunities to present and offer training.

Ryan recently applied for a highly sought after place on the L’Oreal ID artist team, and was delighted to be one of only six successful colourists nationwide. As part of his application, Ryan had to deliver a three minute presentation. From not wanting to stand up and speak at all a couple of years ago, Ryan said ‘From being a complete nervous wreck, I now wanted to go and do the presentation. Although I was still nervous, I knew I could do it. When I delivered a short speech in Lindsay’s workshop in front of my colleagues, that was when I realised I could actually do it. I don’t know if I would have applied for the L’Oreal ID artist team without that.’

First let me start by saying that Lindsay offers an incredible service! We spoke in length about tailoring and flexibility for my team and what my goals were in the training. I realised quickly the potential of such a course and the impact that it could have on my staff and salon in general.

The main reasons why we embarked on the course was to encourage confidence in public speaking and general ability with presentations which would have a positive impact on stylists consultations and salon work.

Training was provided over 4 weeks starting out with the basics but quickly gathered speed and my team were presenting in front of other people happily.

Being able to take a group of people that were lacking in confidence and experience in this field to the levels that Lindsay did in such a short space of time is testament to the quality of the training provided.

After the final week you could see a notable improvement in all aspects of their work in the salon. Consultations were made simpler with the way they approached presenting their ideas. Retail sales were increased due to lots more confidence and a refined delivery to clients of recommended products. But most of all for me, I noticed a real change as half the team asked if they could present what they had learnt to the rest of the team in the next staff meeting. This was exactly the response I wanted but never thought would happen!

Salon Manager/Artistic Director, Umberto Giannini
AnasMember, Bullring Speakers, a Toastmasters International club

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lindsay during my time at Bullring Speakers. She was very articulate in the detail of feedback she provided on my performance in every speech that I made whilst making progress towards achieving my Competent Communicator award. I appreciated, and still do appreciate to this very day, all of the advice and tips she provided on my public speaking development and feel it has helped not just with my public speaking but in my overall communication skills.

Lindsay is a fantastic people person who helped me out enormously with my first public speaking opportunity.

Member, Bullring Speakers, at Toastmasters International club