For individuals

Silvern Training works with individuals to help them develop confidence, find their voice, speak up and act assertively.

Whether you want to

  • make a presentation in front of an audience
  • have your views heard at work
  • be a confident networker
  • be able to persuade others to your point of view

we have coaching and training courses that can help.

Courses on offer include

  • Speaking confidently – learn what is involved in public speaking, develop confidence through practice during this short course, comprising four two-hour sessions over four weeks
  • Effective meetings – improve your performance during meetings, encourage contributions and learn to secure a successful outcome in this one day workshop
  • Presentation skills – improve your PowerPoint presentations on a one day workshop
  • Bullying at work – rebuild your confidence through a short course for people who have been bullied at work

Contact lindsay.milner@silverntraining.com for more details