Your guide to dealing with the negative committee while you're working from home

  • Feeling disorganised?
  • Stressed working from home?
  • Fallen into bad habits?

Have the negative committee taken over?

Working from home sounds like a great idea, less stress, no commute, manage your own time. The reality often doesn't live up to the promise. The negative committee in your head can take over and destroy your motivation and productivity, and bad habits can get a grip.

This free ebook, part 1 of a series in dealing with the negative commitee while you work from home, helps you get into good routines and habits so you can be your most effective, productive, awesome self.

I schedule work sessions with, get to my desk, and make sure I have a lunchbreak every day working from home. I finish work at 5pm without feeling guilty that I haven't done my best work or wasted time, and I can enjoy my personal time


Charity worker

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